Friday, January 16, 2009

cast off your shackles

so, i've decided that within the coming months i am going to begin a year long journey that i hope to chronicle. the idea will be to travel and live for one year staying with friends, family, strangers, college kids, in churches, with hobos, whatever. the idea is i will give up my permanent home and go seek new, fun, temporary ones. perhaps i'll stay with someone for a night, perhaps a week. who knows? i'll be polite and fun, help cook and clean, and try to be generally pleasant to be around. should my new roommates decide a quiet evening at home reading books is the plan, wonderful. perhaps the next night my new roommates will want to party until the wee hours. great. during this process i hope to play as many shows as i can, take photos, write zines, cook meals, meet everyone i can and spread love around this great country.

when the time comes, i'll let you know. and if you want me to come visit, well, i'd love that. i have my own sleeping bag and i make a grilled cheese you'd kill for. also, if you like drinking Guinness, i'd say we're already friends.

thanks so much, and i hope this finds you great.