Saturday, August 8, 2009

the big day

today my older brother is getting married. i've spent the last few days shopping, cutting vegetables and cheese, making drinks, creating bbq sauces, meeting new family and friends, taking dunks in the pool and drinking beers. it's been a wild ride of good times and warm feelings. i feel blessed to have a new extended family that have given up their home to our ridiculous invasion, took us in and allowed us to live comfortably. i'm definitely impressed with everyone's openness and positivity and think it bodes well for a life filled with beauty for my brother and just about sister in law.

tomorrow i leave for my two week tour with my buddy brian (the waltz) but i've been terrible about getting information out to the masses. i realize this is stupid, but i've been so busy thinking about all of this stuff that i've just not had the time to sit down and sort everything out in my head. i suppose i'll have to do that at some point today, and if not tomorrow before i leave. oh well, we'll see what happens.

how are all of you? in all my traveling and hanging out, i've not checked up on you? i'd love to hear how the world is treating all of you, both those i know, and those i don't. i hope splendidly. i send my best and will be sure to let you know how the upcoming travels and exploits go.

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