Sunday, August 2, 2009

we woke the birds

this morning, at 7 am, i was on the g train coming back from williamsburgh. seriously? seriously. just so you know, the last few days i've been staying up until 5 or 6 am while in the apartment, but this is mainly due to the fact that i hate going to sleep and have no real reason to get up at any specific time. but, riding the train when it's fully daylight out, in the same clothes from the night before, obviously having not slept and among people doing morning routines, well, there's a feeling of shame that comes with that. then again, perhaps it means i won, that i lived the day.

the day started out innocently enough, with me writing, playing beatles songs, listening to music, reading. and then i talked to buddy brian and we decided to go out and get in some trouble. so, i hopped on the g train and headed up to meet spencer at his tour bus in williamsburgh and then we'd meet up with brian. i ended up catching brian right before i got to the bus, so the two of us went and hung out with spence and the cobra dudes. we then left for what was supposed to be a fifteen minute walk to a rooftop party, but what really ended up being about a forty minute walk to bushwick where we showed up to a house that was disgustingly hot and sweaty and a roof that apparently was no longer the location of the party. after getting yelled at by the dudes who lived in the house multiple times, we decided to just pound a few beers on the street and then head back to williamsburgh. seeing as it was already 1 am and we'd barely even done much but walk, spencer decided to go to sleep and brian and i met up with amazing old friends of mine, val and betsy. i haven't seen them in possibly years but we still talk reguarly and miss the hell out of each other. we met up at union pool, as it was an obvious landmark, but didn't want to drink there due to crowded hipsterdom, so we made our way up to the alligator lounge, which while not way better in the hip sense, it totally rules because with every beer you buy you get a pizza. amazing. i've still been eating mainly raw stuff, though for dinner i had to roast all of the veggies that were starting to turn, as i didn't feel good about eating them raw. but, pizza rules, and when it's free and you're drunk, it rules even harder. so we ate pizza, drank beers, traded stories, caught up and generally loved. after we left brian headed home and i joined val and betsy back at her place to hang longer and harder. we picked up some more beers and had a blast. val said if i was going to make him come out late, as they were originally planning on going home to bed, that he was going to keep me out late. and late he did. well, early i suppose is more appropriate. still, while i hated myself crawling into bed at 8 am and subsequently back out at a time considered evening by most, i'm extremely happy that i got to spend such an awesome night with people i love and miss dearly. so, today was another relaxer. sure, i've been lazy, but i'll be back in nonstop movement grind soon enough. i guess you could argue these are all the weekends i never get. then again, who needs weekends when you're life is party?

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