Wednesday, August 12, 2009

grand rapids, mi

right now i'm sitting in the computer lab at a college i don't belong to nor ever went to. brian and i are working on putting together some handmade artwork today after a good nigh last night. yesterday was a serious of pit stops to fix sweet pea, my lovely 93 plymouth sundance, and after hours of wind swept hair we were quite excited to be able to close the windows and reapply the air conditioning without watching the temperature gauge go through the roof. that was a wonderful feeling.

when we stopped for gas we decided we were hungry, and since both of us are trying to eat well, we debated internally and aloud for what was probably way too long in the snack area of the food mart. we eventually decided on pretzels, and dipped them in our great value crunchy peanut butter. not too shabby, no high fructose corn syrup, and only a few stabalizing chemicals we barely knew about.

we then left for phillip's to stretch our legs and relax with a beer after a near 7 hour drive. phillip had invited a bunch of friends and had a nice big garage for us to play in, as well as a cooler full of beers. again, not too shabbby. we relaxed and hung out with phillip and his friends, told stories, listened to music, met his mom and generally enjoyed not being in the car. but then i got a few messages from my friend echo in grand rapids and decided we would head up that direction. brian and i are planning on going into canada so i can do some more writing for the book and so we can visit some old friends, so getting up this way seemed to make the most sense. we pulled into echo's area around 4 am. luckily death cab, circa, and communipaw kept me awake and moving in these early morning hours while brian dozed in the passenger seat. the moon was shining brightly and the roads were near empty so i blazed down them in hopes that others were under the same moon sleeping well in their beds. if i can't be somewhere i want to be here, in the moment. there are other places i'd sometimes rather be, and other people with whom i'd prefer to be spending my time, but that is not my place, it would seem. so, we much enjoy these moments. i'd thought we'd get to echo's around 230 or 3, but forgot there was another time zone change. whoops. sorry echo. but we got there, woke her up and soon fell asleep among new cat friends and their kittens.

this morning brian and i woke up and headed over to meet echo for lunch and then walked around grand rapids. i like this city, and Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

ter the last time i was here it holds a special place in my heart for being so welcoming and loving. after a walk around the park after lunch we said our goodbyes to echo and brian and i headed for a bookstore and now to this here lab. and that's that. there are no rules, and if there are, well, they just don't apply. i hope you find fun and laughter in your hearts.

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