Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a thousand pounds of cheese

i'm up in massachuetts shopping, preparing, and generally readying for my brother and soon to be sister in laws wedding in a few days. i shopped all day with my parents, navigating the western mass towns, visiting destinations that all seemed to somehow be about 1.5 miles from each other, not enjoying traffic cirlces and trying to figure out how much cheese and vegetables 180 people might or might not eat in a 10 or so hour period. it's wonderful to see my family, especially my brother and his lady, a wonderful couple that give you faith in love.

in the coming days i'm headed towards canada with my buddy brian and i'm quite looking forward to it. we'll be meeting up with many old friends, i'll hopefully be getting a tattoo finished and eating at new york subway burrito, paying too much for booze, and laughing my ass off. the laughing is purely a function of good times, not the high priced booze, i promise. still, i have a car that i paid 500 dollars for that's taken me over 40 thousand miles, great kids to see and a variety of untold adventures i'll enjoy unfolding.

i'm also currently reading many good books about food and how it's shaped our culture, and between that and talks with an amazing mate, i've decided that i think i might want to stop eating fish. it's hard to do so when the next few days have been planned around the fact that i will in fact eat sea dwelling animals, as many attempts have been made and dollars spent to ensure that i have animal protein at my ready, but once that all commences, and i'm back in my own mini world, i think i will revert to a purely vegetarian diet. i think that will make me feel better about many things, and i'll keep you updated.

tomorrow will also bring the beautiful arrival of my younger brother, whom i miss dearly, and will also allow me to discuss our upcoming collaborations prior to his leaving for eight months. i'm so excited for him to study abroad, but know too that i will miss him and eagerly await his arrival. it's strange to think such ways seeing as he's not yet left. but, we predict these things. so, we'll drink wine, spend evenings with loved ones and feel blessed. we'll see the union of a couple that we wholly believe in and be happy. and this is how it should be. come the morning of my departure i will give hugs and well wishes and then back off into the world that is sleeping on floors, writing, making friends, reading, singing songs, drinking and wondering if there is a place for me to eventually lay my head on a more (semi)permanent basis. i question these ideas every day, but love that there is existence for me, that there is beauty and that there is love. i send all that i have to you, and hope you're doing the same. i also hope you receive it fully. laugh loudly, love deeply and live completely.

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