Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the road again

I have a slowly healing wound at the base of my right hand pointer finger that I'm wearing like a badge of honor. I spent the days prior to and the morning of my brothers wedding chopping vegetables and cheese, cutting up roast pig, cooking salmon, preparing fresh cole slaw. Now, yes I am mainly vegetarian, but seeing as the pig was going to be prepared regardless of my protest and I'd offered my full services for the weekend, well there I was. After lots of last minute scrambling the day of the wedding I took a relaxing dip in the pool, showered, got dressed and prepared for the onslaught that is close to two hundred family members coming into what had been a mainly relaxing space. But it was great. It was wonderful seeing so many people I'd not seen in a while, the ceremony was beautiful and fun and during and after I built a nice buzz. Throughout the night I restocked drinks and food despite protests from my brother and his wife. I was kind of enjoying that people saw me as a bit of a leader and efficient worker. After taking pictures and eventually making a half drunk but decent speech I changed into jeans and a tshirt. You might think this a bit too casual but by the time the bride and her father danced, he was in shorts and sandels.

I'm jeans and a t I danced drunkenly with friends and started saying goodbyes. By around one am it was mainly friends who would be stayin over. The twenty or so of us danced until about three at which point we decided we needed to do work on the fourth and freshly tapped keg. Suffice it to say all shirtless guys and bride doing keg stands while the remaining gals laughed and took photos is pretty much a great ending to a great day. Around four I built a tent out of tables and table clothes and went to sleep in the backyard. A few hours later my parents woke me up breaking down all the tables and chairs. I disk have much choice but to get up and help so possibly still drunk and definitely tired I got up and got right to work. After an hour or two I knew I'd not be able to sleep after workig and drinking last nights now cold coffee. So a dip in the pool and some sandwiches a shower then goodbyes. It'd been am amazing week or so but I must get back to my life of nomadic movement, continue on my path of potential emotional destruction.

I had to drive five hours to pick up my buddy brian in Ithaca where he'd had a wedding himself. Unfortunately he had to sit in a cafe for so hours and talk to questionably fun people. When I got there I was wasted tired. I got some food and made nice with the locals but we decided to make our way to my friends in buffalo. Four hours later brian and I were finally relaxing in my friends living room watching a movie. Still tired. When my boys got home from their night out we all caught up and I got to sleep at about three. Up at nine to eat with chris so still wasted tired almost hallucinating. But breakfast was good and seeing chris even better. Am eventually I somehow ended up in chris' tattoo studio gettin work done. I really wanted brian to get the work he wanted as well but there wasn't much time ad I felt weird trying to haggle with my friend who offered to tattoo me. I still feel bad and lie I navigated the situation poorly. So while I ended up with an amazing piece I wish I couldve worked things a bit smartly.

It was then off to kent Ohio to meet up with greg and laura whom I'd seen recently but was still quite happy to see. Brian and I made a stirfry with tofu and then greg made us watch the strangers with liv Tyler, who my new tattoo oddly resembles, and I'm only partially ashamed to admit that the movie scared the shit out of me quite a few times. That sort of all suspense meets anxiety type of horror does not agree with my hippy heart. Still I enjoyed it in a potentially masochistic way, at least enough to see how people could get addicted to the rush.

This morning after a breakfast of cantelope brian and I headed towards Illinois and I anxiously kept my eye on the ever high engine temperature. But after an emergency gas station purchase cum repair and today after quite a bit of speculating and subsequent coolant filling I believe we fixed the problem. Look at us. A couple of mechanics are we. Ha. Ok, off to get to work. Sorry it's been busy.

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