Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little compass

We're driving up interstate 85 and listening to little compass. They're the last band I toured with in my band outsmarting Simon. OS was my baby, my first real mature love. Sure, high school introduced me to first, fleeting, young love. We spent our summers locked in the basement nursing vampire like paleness emerging only for quick dips in the pool and to steal away to the pool house to get high. But even though we had a great time and felt warmed we were only just beginning to learn how to exercise our hearts and truly feel great things. As we moved onto college I found more fullfilling music that spoke to the core of me, and eventually amazing friends with whom I'd make music and count on as great mates and travel partners. We'd move around the country and into Canada as a crew of seemingly miss matched polite pirates. We came to your town, drank all your beer, kissed your women and did your dishes, the only signs we existed being recycled cans and folded sheets in the morning. We shares dreams of booking agents and the possibility that perhaps one day we could play the music we loved to rooms filled with friendly faces night after night. We hoped for interviews and reviews, third and fourth records, trips over seas, time at home relaxing, free of temp jobs and substitute teaching. But these dreams were for naut. And I think I'm ok with that. This is not to say that I don't wish it wouldve happened, but in a way it's better it didn't. By way of "failure" we succeeded in every other way. We stayed great friends, stayed positive, stayed mildly innocent and never thought ourselves over important. When I toured with later bands nobody ever knew OS but the few times they did it was usually a really big deal to them and therefore to me. At this point I've done huge tours and nothing tours, but those OS ones will forever stick out to me as important and real. I count greg, Maguire and Kelly as some if the best and most talented dudes I've ever met and I consider myself extremely lucky and proud to have shares the stage with them some 500 times or so. We never officially broke up, oddly similar to how my breakups with girls are usually fizzle outs because we still care about each other but maybe not as passionately as we once did. No bitter fights or blowups, just a simple recognition of an undesired resignation. So, to this day I hold outsmarting Simon close to my heart, and am proud to have its ink under my skin. I will give up everything I own and carry my timeline on my body. And listenig to little compass adds a bittersweet night cap to it all. Both bands stopped playing together after the tour, and neither ever mattered to the masses; the silent passing of nobodies. But we live on in our hearts and music, and because of the experiences I had with my friends I felt I couldn't stop moving. So here I am, a 27 year old child with close to nothing to his name, save a timeline of ink under my skin and memory songs in my heart. Fill these lungs with fresh, free air, and the world is mine. I suggest you do the same. I send my love.

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