Saturday, July 11, 2009

on the way back home

so, if you consider me having a home, then i'm headed back towards it. right now i'm in atlanta, where while i know a ton of people i seemingly never see them. anyway, in a few days i'll be back in new jersey, which has a few really great things attached with it.

i'll give you a big recap/update tomorrow perhaps, but how about some photos to catch you up? this starts the day after i ate the vermonster. i went to visit my cousin and loved every minute of the peace, warmth and kindness. enjoy:

i love chickens and a duck!

the fossils left at the rock quarry were pretty intense. they were everywhere.

this rock quarry was behind the house where i was to pot luck with old people. love it.

free ben and jerry's and being made to play songs by an old folk group is pretty sweet.

my cousin and his new beautiful baby boy.

100% of the time that i have a pot luck dinner with 60 year olds i have fun.

i'm not really very excited by "historical" stuff, and found some parts of this boring, but watching this boat get out on the lake was pretty cool.

chickens! their eggs were so bright and eggy. i'm falling in love with farm fresh everything.

this is the local library on my cousin's island. amazing.

how true it is. finally someone gets it.

this is weed, he's awesome. his buddy, we called "bike horn." not sure what his real name was.

this is one of the sweeter bikes i've ever seen. it was at the creephole in michigan city, indiana. i know, that's a strange name for a city. anyway, if you look closely, you'll see that the bike is "rage certified." fuck yea.
i like cute notes/cartoons.

grand rapids is a colorful city, and i like it.

if you see the guy with the black acoustic guitar, he's actually playing the lights. what i mean is that there were a variety of cables and a light box wired into this gutted guitar, and while he screamed he ran the light show. i can't tell if this is genius or idiotic. maybe both. i think they felt the same way.

peace sign made of bottle caps in grand rapids michigan. who says alcohol leads to violence?

in milwaukee i to relax on this bench and catch up on phone calls. tyler (bass player of ghosting) then told me there was a plaque nearby that led him to believe we were in gang territory, as it spoke of "fallen latin brothers," and made references to the neighborhood. not totally sure, but it was interesting, either way.

i didn't realize i have my own soda. awesome.

jared enjoying a "chelada." what's better than bud light mixed with clam infused tomato juice? a lot of things, actually. yikes.

i'm reading a book right now that talks about mcdonalds headquarters in oak brook, il, and on the 3rd of july, oddly, we were there.

fourth of july with sweet bros and chicks and an awesome show. can't shake a stick at that.

indiana cuts their pizza into squares. really? come on midwest, get it together.

christina had quite the sweet owl collection. we played her apartment built in an old schoolhouse. wild.

it took two songs for the landlady to come and tell the band they couldn't play a living room in an apartment building. who knew?

welcome to my mini smoothie.

spencer says he wants to kiss me with a beard. or, i'm a giant drinking a normal size smoothie. either caption works.

does your chosen beverage come in orange camo? no? then you're not prepared for war. i've declared one on my liver.

white castle fish sandwich. why did i so this?

sometimes jared likes to have conversations on the phone in weird places.

we met this dude named "smoke," who is a current hippie, ex punk who saw the cro-mags in philly in 82. amazing.

do you like fishdicks? do you like fishdicks in your mouth?

if you think you're band has gear, check out the blue letter.

this is the excitable jack russell, peaches, from louisvile. what a little pisser. literally.

my soon to be sister in law, beth, and lupe. big time. hanging out with them in asheville was awesome. my brother and beth have an amazing garden and a warm, welcoming house that always makes me happy to be at.

why not drive your tractor to the local gas station? oh, and presumably he's handicapped. or he'll get a ticket.

for whatever reason, the hospital in orlando served a wide variety of good cheap veggie friendly food, so we went and pigged out. the only problem was we had to deal with ridiculous artwork and hospital smell.

i believe this was titled, "chief of surgery." wow.

sure, screamy/chaotic music and sparklers go well with a chicken hood.

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