Saturday, July 4, 2009


Man I really need to get to a computer. I definitely wouldve thought I'd have more opportunities to sit and write but I guess not. Perhaps someday I'll be able to afford a laptop that works and then I could at least do things at shows and the such. Regardless I can use my little thumbs to type in randomness. I think I'm somewhere close to 70 days out if the real world. It's pretty wild and I definitely have a lot of catching up to do writing wise.

Right now I'm in the Ghosting car driving down interstate 65 towards Indianapolis to play a last minute show at a friends house. The tour has been going really well which is a very pleasant surprise. I started off with a bad attitude for a variety of reasons but was quickly reoriented which is awesome. Also I was a bit worried about money but everything seems to be going well and if it stays this way we'll be in great shape. We've even filled in a bunch of the off dates which totally rules. So now I just need to work on the next couple of tours and worry about my possible upcoming trip to Europe which I really really hope comes through. We shall see how that all works out but I'm definitely hoping. Also there are few reasons why I'd like to take a short break from traveling and it seems like I might be able to for the perfect amount of time, so again here's to hoping.

As for the last few days, they've been great. We stayed with owen in oakbrook, il and enjoyed various fourth of July activities, met tons of awesome people and heard so many good bands. It's incredible how much awesome music the Midwest is able to churn out. Well done. When I get to a computer I'll detail a bit more. I'm going to go read about how corn is taking over our dinner plates, as well as everything else we ingest.

I hope you're shining.

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  1. Well if you hit Wales my Mum will let you crash with her :0) She'll look after ya.