Tuesday, April 21, 2009

big time michigan

i made it to kristin's house. for those of you who don't know kristin, she is one of my best friends that i lived with for three years in new brunswick, nj. she makes amazing brownies and has been accused by my brother as being a "one trick pony," in reference to the fact that she often makes meals consisting of pasta, sauce and cheese. they're all delicious, and actually quite different within the paradigm (stuffed shells, lasagna, baked ziti) and it's obviously incredibly appreciated as she makes these meals for large groups of people in order to facilitate loving gatherings of awesome folk. but, my brother was being silly and i appreciate that.

kristin has been in michigan for about 9 months, and this is my first visit up to see her, so rather than sit on this computer, i'm going to go out with her and scotty, because the whole point of life is to live it, not sit around and blog to six people about it. well, to be fair, i know how 11 followers. i think i've offically made it to "important guy" status. no, i'm an ass. but it's scotty's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTTY!) and i haven't seen kristin in months, so we're going to hang. in case i don't get back to this brick i call a laptop, here's today. i hope you're all great.


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