Friday, April 24, 2009

oh, canada

i fucking hate parking in cities. i fell asleep at 4 am just to have to get up and move my car at 8 am. but i then realized, "oh, i have to move my car in a city 10 hours from my hometown after hanging out with cool friends. oh, and i don't have to go to the job i don't have? ok, i guess things aren't so bad."

yesterday scotty and i left kristin's and headed for the border. it's always nerve wracking to cross, even when you know you're not doing anything wrong. sure, i'm trying to play a few shows, but really i'm going to spend way more money being here than i would be making, so i don't feel bad about lying and saying i'm just coming up to visit. the border guard was definitely accusatory but i think then realized i was of absolutely no threat to either the country or its economy, so she simply handed back our passports and waved us on. there's an ever-present feeling of relief and unsettled fear that comes from passing over the border. "she did say we could leave, right?" "i think so. yea, we're cool, i think." we're such jackasses.

scotty and i drove over kings hiway 402/401 for three hours, pulled a couple of turns and arrived in front of dan's apartment. i met dan when i opened a show for butch walker in toronto and when i said i wanted to come back up he offered his place for a hang sesh and to play some songs. dan made us some chili, corn muffins and provided beers and booze. what a great welcome to the country. so, we supped with our new friends amanda and christine and then mike and bettie showed up. i played some songs, we shot the shit and just generally hung hard. dan is an incredibly warm and generous dude, and provided a great open place where we instnatly felt comfortable.

after the night died down we headed back to bettie's to catch a few hours sleep and to fulfill the promise of afternoon eggs. screw morning eggs, i'll be asleep. the thing is, i can make some killer eggs, and while traveling they're the perfect cheap but filling and semi-nutricious meal, but if i don't have quality tools i kind of suck. this morning i kind of sucked. but, these things happen.

however, it's beautiful out, i'm in tornonto with friends and just living. sure, i'm down to my last few dollars and unsure of how the upcoming days will treat me, but i'm doing my best to stay positive and happy. there are so many great things to be excited about, so i'm going to try to not worry about my funds. we shall see how things go.

ok, i'm going to go enjoy the day. when i'm back in the states in a few days it will be a lot easier to update things more regularly. until then, sporatic will have to do.

the best part is that i'll be spending my time with these great kids!

until i get back, i send my love down south.


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