Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i don't think we're in lansing anymore

ann arbor michigan, fleetwood diner, home of the hippy hash. dang, i probably should've taken a photo of it. anyway, scotty got the hippy hash with tempeh along with his eggs. i usually think tempeh sucks, but this was really good. i might order it the next time i go to a veggie/vegan restaurant. hippy hash is a pile of hash brown potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, melted feta cheese, and in this case, tempeh. scotty's girlfriend told him if he was going to ann arbor, he had to get it. overall, this little diner was a positive experience. the really odd part is that you can still smoke in places here, even tiny boxcar style diners. so weird. if you look, the waitress is lighting up a smoke. so old school diner style. it sucks though.

people were smoking in the bar in pittsburgh and that sucked. when i left i felt liked i'd had an entire pack of cigarettes, but didn't even get the enjoyable part of smoking, just the shitty part. oh well, these things happen.

kristin must have had a rough morning as we worked it hard last night and she had to be up early for a school funtion. oh, kristin, it's been a while since we've gone out and caused trouble.

last night we went to the arbor brewing company and scotty and i split their sampler. ABC is one of a few local brew pubs that makes some really nice beers and serves what seemed like pretty good food. we got chips, salsa and black bean dip, all of which was quite enjoyable. we also got some founders beers, which is a michigan based beer that scotty loves. apparently it's huge in philly, especially at his bar, and it's pretty delicious. i also had an ABC coffee stout that ruled. so thick and tasty. intense stouts are my new favorite thing. i spent way more than i should have, seeing as i'm trying live on about $5 a day, but when you meet up with great friends and there are birthdays involved, you shouldn't be too frugal. i also got to meet kristin's friends erin and monica, which is nice as i've heard lots about them. during a fairly intense conversation i had to run out to talk to my brother, and i was really happy to hear him in a good mood. things are up and down with us bond boys, but right now he seems like he's in a good place. i like that.

after we shut down ABC we went to the 8 ball, which is an amazingly seedy little bar in a barely marked door down an alley. i love places like this. people gave us some pretty dirty looks as i had on cowboy boots (i know, i know. it's ridiculous, but i enjoy them.) and kristin is a pretty girl, so we're probably not their standard clientele. we had a good time though, traded fun stories and generally caroused. we also shut the 8 ball down, and took fun photos on the way home. that's where the kristin/light/grafitti photo came from. back at that house i posted pictures and wrote, which should explain most of the spelling and grammatical errors.

i woke up this morning to kristin back in her pajamas and a promise of a thirty minute nap then breakfast. by the way, check out the sweet beard on this dude. scotty said he hopes to someday have one like that. he'll get there.

after breakfast kristin went to a meeting and scotty and i walked down to the university of michigan just to check out where kristin goes to school and to people watch. girls loving wearing spandex/leggings here. i'm not against it, but the ubiquity is amazing.

now i have to start writing the book portion of this blog, which i hope to do more frequently in the future. the idea is that it will be a bit more in depth and at the end of this crazy adventure it will be a cool, more permanant version of this experience.

oh, and i think we're having tacos tonight!

hope you're great.


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