Wednesday, April 22, 2009

how do you feel about photos?

so, i realize i've been incredibly lax on presenting you with photos. tonight is the night. i've been drinking heavily, as i've been known to do, and trying to make sure people have been having a good time. here are the lovely gentlemen and ladies i've been spending my time with. i hope you appreciate them even a bit as much as i do.

this is amelia (one of my favorite people in the world) being sad that our french bulldog friend is pretending to sip a beer. james wears a cowboy hat well and a smile even better.

this is one of my best mates, brian, crossing his eyes for you. have fun ladies.

loki and pria are the sweetest and lovliest housemates. sure, they attack you whenever possible, but can you deny their amazingness?

sometimes i drink too much and take photos in front of plants.

i told you that first house was amazing. check it out.

have you ever had the best friend of a best friend show you his home town? have you ever been FLOORED by talent, sweetness or quality? if not, check out erik, slippery rock and everything related.

i've met some cats with sandpaper tongues that i've not loved for momentary reasons. but, come on, check me and sneak out.

i believe this says:

"i need some help building a deck around my pool. i can't pay but will provide beers and meth..." name and number are semi included. do with this what you will.

i didn't get paid to play this show, nor did i sell anything. to be honest, i didn't expect either. the promoter and sound guy were really nice, so this is not a slight on them in the least. and, some really good friends came out, new and old, so i honestly felt great about it. sure, the beer we were pointed to "worked," but PA has done way better in my opinion.

craig rules. he got me a sweet burrito, and i'm pretty sure it was heavier than a baby's arm. but more so, he's incredibly supportive, kind, loving and a great dude. plus, he has a great beard. gar mount is laughing through the night in a way that makes everyone smile, feel great and sleep well. and, perhaps best of all, jon geog is hosting a mustache worth writing home about, staying true to love, providing a home we're stoked for, and playing braid for good times. i think this house/group deserves an award.

missing from here is garett mousetrap, one of the most amazing people i've ever met. garett is, without a doubt, one of the kindest friends i've ever met in my life. sure, we all have friends of friends, but garett not only went out of his way to make me feel at home, but actually made me feel like we'd been buds for years, like i was welcome, at home, and part of the family. people like garett are the reason i love touring. thanks dude!

you wonder with whom i'm spending my time? this is the man i woke up to. it was/is his 27th birthday, and if anyone deserves a celebration, it's him. sure, he looks a bit of a bum, but if you knew how much my heart saved a place for him, you'd get it. one of my favorite jokes is that he was so stoned in the womb on 4/20 to come out that he just said, "eh, i'll just come out tomorrow." born 4/21, scotty treated the world to one of the greatest people ever to exist, a huge heart, amazing road companion and constant adventurer. if you ever need a good time in your life, i promise you, he will provide it.

two of my best friends ever. kristin and scotty. aren't they wonderful?

say what you will about me, but tell me this woman isn't amazing and sexy, well, you're just crazy.

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