Saturday, April 25, 2009

a sleeping giant

tonight was beautiful. well, to be honest, just about everything about today was beautiful. the afternoon was simple, i hung with scotty while he seized the day

and patrick made sure it was documented.

while in the alley and on the walk back i realized a few of the many light hearted reasons i love canada

and after going to the beer store and paying what feels like way too much money for beer, we headed down to meet shawzy at the art gallery. shawz took us to dinner at a really good restaurant called nirvana, which i was of course okay with, and we enjoyed pad thai and libations with new friends who were good times. i think the rest of the night was too fun for me to write about now, as i'm falling asleep. but, i promise, i will recount on the morrow.

i hope you're all great.


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