Saturday, April 25, 2009

toronto, i love you

last night was incredible. i can't tell you how incredible it feels to have people like shawzy and nate care that i exist. these two guys, among many other last night, made me feel like what i'm doing matters, that i am on the right path.

shawzy rented out his friend's art gallery (there were some great pieces by a guy who did a bunch of work with a NYC theme. funny, i go to another country to see stuff from my backyard.) and invited a ton of his friends. lots of amazingly nice people came out and listened wonderfully and just made me feel incredible. i can't explain how awesome it feels to have lovely people care about what i do. i think to even try would be remiss. so, suffice it to say, i felt filled to the brim with love and happiness. i sold some stuff, which ruled, both because it meant people liked what they heard enough to want to listen more, and also because i can now afford to get to the next city.

we eventually moved the hangout down to shawzy's tattoo studio in the basement and he mentioned he wanted to put a zombie hand on someone, so i offered up my leg. today we did the outline and when i come back in the summer we'll color it. ridiculous, i know. i sure love road tats.

so, i hope this finds you all wonderful. i think i'm going to go work on a new song i started writing this afternoon. i send my love.

the crazy clouds rolled in and ruined the bbq shawzy was going to have. oh well, these things happen, but i thought they looked pretty sweet. at least i got the chance to spend the day with shawz while he tattooed me. good times.

this place is ridiculous. it's right on the main drag, queen st, but there's these girls dancing in the window like something out of amsterdam. it's super populated and a sunny day, so having near naked girls gyrating awkwardly is quite odd.

this place has the best burrito i've ever had. they're so weird. i get the mixed vegetable one, which has potatoes, beans, cauliflower and spinach as well as what i can only describe as some sort of mayonaise sauce. no description would suffice, but the best i give is that it's like indian food meets mexican. weird but amazing. go check it out on queen st w.

cute little fisherman at bettie's place.

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