Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alright, alright, alright.

I'm sitting in the atlanta airport and I'm fucking exhausted. Last night I finished packing everything up and went to spend my last few minutes hanging out with Jac, acacia and the band. At one point this guy pushed passed Jac and me and I wondered aloud "is that michael rappaport?" I realized it wasn't but actually a different actor whom I was familiar with but mixing up the names. You know the guy in dazed and confused with the reddish hair who folds his hat in his back pocket? It was that guy. Weird. Anyway I was hanging out with Jac and mentioned that I knew who that guy was, to which she responded, "is it the guy standing over by matthew mccounahey?". Hmm. Yes in fact it was. Wild. I decided I didn't really care to go try to talk to someone I didn't really care about knowing he could care less about me when I could actually spend my remaining time in LA with people I cared about. Funny thing is at one point I needed to push past butch and he stopped me to introduce me to matthew and tell him that I am a talented song writer but just helping out on the tour. I'll tell you what, that was definitely a surreal moment. It's not everyday a highly respected successful songwriter compliments your talents to a movie star. Weird. I shook Matthews hand and he asked me how he could get some shirts. I told him if he walked to the bus with me I'd hook him up. I think this is not the response he expected or was used to. But you know what? He's a guy like amy other. Why should I leave my friends to give him free merch? He was a good dude though and at the end of the night I grabbed him a few shirts and he was appreciative. Overall i'd say it was a fun story. Much more pleasurable though was when Kerry from the state and Reno 911 came up and was very sweet and unassuming. She bought a few things an left me a little tip. Not that I am big into meeting stars or anything but I love when I do and they're real, good people. It's awesome to see people who've worked hard and earned success but don't seem fazed by it. I love this quality and hope that If I'm ever lucky enough to find some success I'll be as thankful and appreciative as I am now.

Anyway, by the time we left and the bus dropped the band off at their hotel and then me at the one by the airport it was almost five am. My flight was at eight so I wanted to get up at six. Fuck me. I woke up at six thirty an freaked because I thought I'd miss my flight. No shower and out the door straight onto the shuttle. Didn't have time to dig through my bag for deoderant. Didn't put any on yesterday. Yikes I must be a sight and a smell. I made a breakfast of food from the bus the might before and slammed that down as I waited for the security checkpoint. You know it's awesome they have these kiosks now where you can check in in two seconds if you're not checking a bag. Anyway I made my flight which ruled but was incredibly tired the whole time. I tried to sleep a little but it was hard not only trying to do so between two strangers but also painfully aware of the face that I probably smelled, I snore and in order to keep from grinding my teeth need to wear what I lovingly refer to as my "geek guard.". Yes I'm aware that term only half makes sense.

Still I survived the four hour flight and tried to sleep a bit before my connectin flight. No dice. I decided to go be some food. You know you fly a lot when you recognize the workers at the Atlanta bread company in terminal c at the Atlanta airport. My meal definitely conflicted with the book I'm reading, "in defense if food," but well, I'm tires and cranky and just don't care right now. So now I'm standing amongst crying babies and hare krishnas waiting to board my second flight of the day. I'm full of diet cola and hate the fact that I won't make it back to new jersey until almost ten. Well new Brunswick. Man I hope I have an aisle seat otherwise someone is going to have to move a bunch of times. Fucking free refills.


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