Friday, May 29, 2009

salmon hash? ok, i'll bite...literally

i had salmon hash for breakfast. like an ass, i forgot to photo it. what good is having a ridiculous phone if you forget to document things? oh, and the kicker? i hear the new iphone is going to have video, so if i had waited a few months, i'd be able to share moving pictures with you on this glorified diary. by the way, do you remember diaryland? just curious. it was pre-livejournal, and we all wondered why anyone would care about posting one's innermost thoughts, and even more so, why anyone else would care to read said thoughts. and yet, here i am. go figure. on a side note, one of my favorite bands, paulson, had a song called diaryland on their second EP cum first LP. i believe it even enjoyed a short stint on MTV's "the real world." the song totally rules. and yet another tangent, i believe "the real world," started this whole ridiculous "reality show" stupidity. thanks MTV. bastards.

back to the hash. i had a conversation with jac about why i now eat fish. it's totally a valid question, as i've been vegetarian for the majority of the last 8 years. i say majority, as i've had stints of eating fish, so i'd call me pescetarian for those times. anyway, i suppose for a variety of reasons, including watching too much food network television, i found myself occasionally wanting to eat meat. i also think from touring and traveling as much as i have that sometimes i felt like i wasn't putting anything good in my body. and sure, vegetables and fruits would've fixed this issue up nicely. sometimes, though, you need to just listen to your body. at times i've felt pangs of guilt, in that i do like the idea of being vegetarian, and do feel it's better overall. i decided that the three main reasons i appreciate a vegetarian lifestyle (other than just generally feeling better doing so) are environmental, humanitarian and health oriented. based on these three points i felt that if i were to consume any animal, fish and seafood in general are the least adversely affecting in these areas, thereby allowing me to maintain a mostly vegetarian lifestyle while taking in fairly small amounts of animal flesh. sounds kind of gross when you put it that way, huh? ha. i'm sure by now you've come to appreciate my tangential style, and hopefully you embrace it. so, the hash was interesting. i've had fish with breakfast before, but mainly in a lox way, colder and more "flavored." this was good salmon and potatoes under eggs overeasy and questionably sour dough toast. should've gone wheat. i think the oddest part about it was that the fish was hot, as normally fish should be, but with breakfast, well, i'm not sure. (hot fish! for those of you who get it. if not feel free to ask). atop all this arguably decadent breakfast was a shallot and dill creme freshe. wow, how bourgie. i just might have to move to connecticut.

after clearing the glasses from the table (and subsequently being offered a job by the waiter), jac and i headed back to acacia's apartment to drop off some stuff and get me to the el rey theatre for the last show of the tour. it's pretty wild to think that i'll be flying home tomorrow and in a few days back on another tour that couldn't be more different. 6 friends in a van with 5 in another screaming down 95 together trying to paint every town red. we plan on doing lots of swimming, tons of drinking, loads of grilling. and, maybe if there's time, playing the occasional show. i've already packed my bag and am ready to count out all the merch at the end of the night, hand over my final money and prepare for better things.

you might ask yourself, faithful reader, how i got to be here. well, that question can be answered in many ways, and some has been done so already, but for the most part i feel the hole is in the previous hours, the night before, when i feel things occured, as they will, beautifully and full of flight.

as the night ended and i finished up my final work for the evening i realized i had many hours to kill and new friends to do so with. we were not planning on leaving until 10 am, which was pretty sweet as i was happy to be hanging out with jac and her best (now my new) friend, acacia. through them i met libby and the lot of us, after enjoying 24 oz pabsts at an upscale bar (and me getting corned by a drunk latino telling me of his 5 kids from 4 woment while i was taking a poop) we left pomona in search of late night fare, and an escape to LA. it really wasn't that hard. we packed into acacia's car, she ran over a curb, and then we were on our way. upon our return to acacia's apartment i meant the cutest little pup, jareth, a puggle, and whipped a mess of breakfast food as a late night feast. we soon bedded down and i was happy to have new friends and to be seeing old ones. i slept late, got up, showered, headed down to check out acacia's office (which totally rules and if i ever have to work in one, i hope it looks like hers) then off to breakfast.

so this now catches you up. in a few hours this leg of the wild journey that is my life will begin to come to a close. and you know what? i'm okay with that. onward and upward, i always say. i hope this finds you splendid and laughing.


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