Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanks for coming boys

i went to get my oil changed a jiffy lube. a few thousand miles overdue. yikes. not a smart idea for a boy who lives out of his car. but, i've never had to change the oil on my house before. by the way, you might wonder who/what this wonderful car is that i've been traveling in. please meet sweetpea/sweettea cassidy. she's a '93 plymouth sundance and i love her. sure, she's going a little grey, but i paid my friend 500 bucks over two years ago and have put over 40 thousand miles on her. she's been completely worth it and i am proud of her.

please enjoy the green spray paint on her roof. i was experimenting with covering up the grey areas. that's what i get for not accepting her for who she is.

while waiting i started to write the following blog, but got side tracked and never wrote one. i could finish this story, but i think it's kind of funny as is
Last night Steve and I went to the local townie bar and one of the local men was half flirting with us.


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