Thursday, May 7, 2009

One last hurrah

Did you ever have to go to thanksgiving dinner with your ex-girlfriend? Or have to take your ex-boyfriend to a work function? There's an awkwardness in spending time with someone you once loved but now just feel obligated towards. Well perhaps both of those feelings are clouded. In a lot of ways that's what last night felt like. I used to play in a girl fronted pop band as a way to make money playing my guitar. The thing is that fir the most part it was an incredible experience but certain aspects if it were soul sucking and crushing. For the first part, well I met three of the most talented, insperational and amazing friends I've ever had and I got to spend a year of my life traveling with them. I'm a way better man for all of it and am incredibly thankful for it. On the downside, it was really hard to forget about my love for writing and singing my own songs as well as some other hard to swallow pills. But there's parts of every job that we hate, right? So considering all the good that came from it I'd say I'm incredibly lucky.

Last night was what it was, you know? A last frolic through the gardens of what once was. And now I can fully move forward. That's a beautiful thing.

Before the show danielle and I went out to eat at 'snice, an awesome veggie resaurant in NYC. Danielle is one if the sweetest, most talented people I've ever met. Upon first introduction and hang you're aware that she's a woman of impressive convictions while still able to have fun. It's only after a little digging do you realize she us a self made woman of amazing proportions. Danielle has built a veritable empire of vegan desserts that is growing all the time. And to be honest I know it's big but have no real concept of actually how huge because she's incredibly humble and refuses to throw her success in anyones face. On the contrary, she's incredibly generous but without the least bit of flaunting. By the way, thank you for dinner danielle. So my pre-show hang was great and positive which rules because it allowed me to go to the show in good spirits. My brother lent me all his amazing gear since mines in storage so I sounded great. That is dude. And then we did our thing, packed up and called it a day.

After the show I went with coley and joe to the apartment monica has for her travel program. Central park west. Not too shabby. I love monica. She's a constant source of sunshine and inspiration in my life. Someday she and coley are going to make beautiful talented babies and give the world faith in love.

On a side note, I've never played with joe and really appreciated the opportunity to do so, as well as hang. He's a great dude.

Tonight I get to go see paulson an the sleeping in a friends basement in new Brunswick. I'm really excited and know lots if friends will be there. Then the next few days I have shows. I'm definitely a lucky kid. And I have many of you to thank for that. So, thank you and much love.


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