Friday, May 1, 2009

this morning

i awoke to screaming. and it's not the first time.

i think while i am incredibly romantic and love the idea of staying with other people, periodically there's going to be tough/hard/scary times. sometimes i won't know what to do during these instances. sometimes i'll feel like a little kid hiding underneath the covers. i hate that this is a feeling i will have to experience occasionally. i hate even more than it's something that some people experience every day. part of why i'm doing this year long trip is to actively spread positivity and love to people. sometimes i forget it, at least consiously, but for the most part i think it's present. let's fix this place up ladies and gents.

yesterday i played the titan house in philly. i love that place and the dudes who always help me out. i'm incredibly blessed to be able to play shows to sweet, kind folks who are willing to listen, especially in a city that gets so much good music, so often. lots of great friends came out, all the bands ruled, just an amazing basement show. and, i was supposed to be in providence, RI last night, but that fell through, so to get such a sweet last minute show ruled.

after the show we went to the philly pretzel factory, where at 12 midnight you can get three super hot, super delicious pretzels for a dollar. that's right, a dollar. if you're not that hungry, one pretzel is 35 cents. free mustard. not too shabby. we bought a bunch of food and gorged ourselves. after eating i went back to scotty's to hang out. steve and i ended up staying up super late just catching up and talking about various music. i love that kid and feel blessed to have him in my life.

today i'm trying to figure out how to get into hoodwink fest up in seacaucus, NJ, because my buddies are playing a cover set of jimmy eat world songs. should be awesome. it's looking like it's getting to late and i won't be able to, but worst case i'll go down to festival peir in philly and see some other friends of mine i haven't seen in a while. all in all, it should be a good time. the get up kids are playing bamboozle tomorrow at that festival in NJ, so i really want to try and make it up there to see them. it's been years since i saw those guys, and they totally rule.

i have a bunch of contract work to do today, and hopefully tomorrow is bamboozle, so if all works out that means sunday will be me big work day/catch up day/photo update. i hope that all works for me and you.

i send my love.


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