Monday, May 18, 2009

Rules just don't apply

I woke up this morning quite unhappy with the prospect of getting out if bed. For those of you that don't know I'm terrible at sleeping and even worse at getting up. Well I suppose to clarify I'm horrible to sleep next to and never wake up feeling rested however I can sleep until the cows come home. And if you're wondering when that is it's easily three or four pm. Just saying.

Since I knew I'd miss the train and subsequently my plane if I didn't get up I peeled myself off the futon folded the borrowed sheet returned the pillows to their rightful place and rubbed the sleep from my squished puppy eyes. That's at least how Shaun says I look when I wake up and I fear he's not far off. I showered which was great but drying off with the mildewy towel I left here months ago is none too appealing. Still it's better than the non existant shower in my car.

After throwing two weeks of essentials into my knapsack I left the apartment grabbed some crap coffee a pretty good bagel and headed for the train station. Fifty minutes and two trains later I was at the airport again. Seems I've made this trip so many times I just run the motions. I was happy to not have been called into the little swab analysis room. However I did have to get in some weird machine that shot jets of air all over my body. Strange? Yes.

The flight was uneventful if you don't count the pilot playing harmonica over the PA along with some kind of spoken blues or his later very poorly executed Arnold schwartzenegger impression. By the way we couldn't leave until he'd received a proper applause for his harp solo. I half dozed to thoughts of lovely absurdities and desires. I knew Jac would be pickin me up and was excited to see her. While catching up she asked me about joose (which I blame dave for. Or love I'm not sure which it is.) and I also remembered that my favorite beer in the world is local to here so we went to the store to get some provisions. Unfortunately they did not have wake and bake as I found out it's a seasonal beer but a got another coffee stout recommended by the helpful clerk. I was sold by the fact that it recieved a 100% on Now I'm not normally swayed by things like this but think about that fir a second. That means that not even one person rated it as less than perfect otherwise it's be 99 point something. That's crazy. Sen if I dot like it I figures I owed it to myself to try a perfect beer. For five bucks while a bit steep for me I figured it was a risk worth taking. So Jac and I took our joose to the park and sat on a swing chair catching up and sharing energy drink malt liquor. If you've never hung out with someone fun drinking on the sly on a sunny day you're missing out. Just saying. Eventually I realized I needed to get to the studio and check in all the merch for the butch tour. Today is the first day I butch walker tour number three for me. I'm not really sure how my life twisted in such a way they've been able to do this a few times but I definitely appreciate it. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would wonder why I'd go out to sell merch seeing as I'm a performer. I have a lot of reasons to be honest but overall I do it because I like it. I've learned more about a variety of things including myself on these stints than many other tours. There's something beautiful that comes from spending time on the road with people who are basically strangers and then learning each others ins outs ups and downs. I've also met some amazing people and written one of my favorite songs on these tours. There are more things that make me appreciate being out here but suffice it to say I'm back on purpose.

After checking in all my stuff I said hello to the guys claimed my bunk on the bus ate some food and then left to meet up with some friends for a beer. It's weird nut amazing to have a local bar to recognize the tender know the local fare. I've technically only been here on three tours but I already have a routine I'm comfortable and happy with. I feel if I moved here I wouldn't feel that out if place and that's an amzing feeling. And now I'm just sitting back waiting for people to come buy stuff and otherwise just hanging. I hope this finds all of you well.


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