Thursday, May 14, 2009

pizza tour nyc

i've been the opposite of a busy boy. however, i've spent quite some time on the computer, which perhaps counts as being busy. not sure. right now suguna and i are sitting in the apartment that neither of us live in and typing away on our laptops as if this were some sort of wanderer's computer lab. she calls me a migrant, by the way.

anyway, yesterday after deciding that a sunny afternoon needs beers we walked down to the liquor store and picked up some libations. seeing as i'm on a tight budget i went with milwaukee's best. my friend the bear works for miller and says that at his work the majority of people drink this over anything else in their line. furthermore, a lot more goes into making it than you'd think, but it's sold so cheaply because it's good to have a variety of prices in the marketplace. and you know what, it's really not bad when you forget about any associations to freshman year at college or frat parties. it is, afterall, the best milwaukee has to offer. we enjoyed cold beers in the warm sun, reveling in the fact that we're both somehow existing in this fantasy land where we don't have to play by the "real world's" rules. sure, suguna had to leave to go work a crap job for a while, but that's fine. she knew she'd be coming back to hang out's and 5 beers. over the rest of the afternoon/evening i wrote emails, caught up with backlogged stuff and made phone calls about tour. it's weird having to constantly think about dates 1 to 3 months in the future, imagining holes that need to be filled, friends and strangers that need to be called upon for help. luckily, i've encountered mainly warm, positive people and while i by no means have a totally packed schedule, there are lots of pockets of greatness. but i hate booking tours, i hate asking for favors and i hate having to spend my time working on the part of my music that has nothing to do with music. still, i love traveling and playing, and since nobody else is going to do it, it's a necessary evil. if this is the worst i have to deal with, i'm a lucky kid.

when my eyes got tired i made dinner. risotto with saffron, okra, tomatoes and corn. it wasn't good. that made me sad. i'm a pretty decent cook, but this was really just me throwing crap together with stuff i had leftover in this apartment where i lived so long ago. it's amazing the stuff didn't get thrown out, but at least i didn't have to steal my friend's food. ross bones got home from climbing shortly after i ate and we got to catch up, which is great. i love that kid and always feel better being around him. eventually suguna came home and then brian and we all got a chance to relax together, shoot the breeze and talk. bri, suguna and i stayed up rather late drinking tea, splashes of sierra nevada and talking about india. i rather enjoyed myself.

at some point probably too late for everyone else, i retired to the futon and dragged the single blanket across my tired body, falling off to sleep while tuckerman scratched at the couch. i woke up to brian making a late breakfast and made myself some green tea. i find something comforting about sitting around shirtless in the spring, drinking tea, talking to my brother. again, i'm a lucky dude.

when brian left i exercised a bit, showered and hopped back on the old information super highway. still, i'm not doing everything i need to be, but hopefully in the coming days. i'll also have a lot more time next week, so if i'm lucky i'll bust quite a bit out.

but, here's the most important thing:

this saturday, may 16th, we're taking a tour of New York City pizza. i've done a little research, and sure, should probably do more, but i have a bunch of places we're going to go. oh, and by we, i mean me and anyone that wants to come along, including you, dear reader. i'm going to make an intinerary, approximate cost list and general map of where/when we'll be. depending on how many people come we'll get one slice or a few and split them mulitple ways. should a ton of people come, we'll get a pie and have it cut into a million slices. still, the idea is not get full, but to just try it. maybe i'll make a score card? who knows. and i for one plan on enjoying cold beers. i'm hoping it's a nice day out, but if it's not, we'll eat pizza in the rain. ok, so, if you want in, let me know, and i'll give you all the info you need.

by the way, i'll of course be documenting it in some respect, and those who can't come will be sure to hear about it. i hope this finds you well. i send my love.


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  1. you need to go to artichoke pizza for sure, one of my favorites in the city!