Thursday, May 28, 2009

let them eat bread

yesterday butch played the great american music hall in san francisco. after finishing up my merchandise duties and shooting the breeze with the incredibly friendly staff, i headed out to the bus to drop off all my gear and relax for a minute. everyone from the band and the venue were going to a bar around the corner that was playing rock and roll music. after a brief respite i headed over and was immediately impressed by the amount of good looking people hanging around outside smoking cigarettes. i suppose san fran is a pretty town.

upon walking in i was promptly handed a beer. that's good service. ha. i'm not sure who bought it, but that's a great situation i'd like to find myself in more often.

looking around i saw even more beautiful people dancing, carousing and having fun. this is my kind of place. i smiled at pretty ladies, talked to nice dudes and then realized something interesting: this, more so than anywhere else, is the kind of place where you have absolutely no clue what you're dealing with, sexual orientation wise. my buddy and i were dancing with two girls who were friendly, but not overly so, even though it'd seemed like they were smiling at us and talking about us. but that's the thing, they could've been saying, "these straight boys think we like them," or "i hope this breeders don't come over and talk to us." i'm sure it wasn't so mean, but still, i've been in gay bars and obviously knew what i was getting into, as well as been in typically straight bars and knew fairly quickly who was gay, if anyone. not to say i have amazing gaydar or something, but i'd say since i have absolutely no issues with these things, i often find myself engaging in conversation with people of all walks of life. that being said, here was a situation where both the city and specific bar allowed for confusion. overall i found the evening humorous, as it's funny to watch a bunch of dudes try to hit on women only to know they're fighting a losing battle from the beginning. i didn't care as i wasn't trying to pick anyone up, but it definitely made me think a bit.

then, this girl bought all these shots.

holy crap. that's something like 15 shots of jameson. she bought them for the dudes on the tour and for a few of her friends. i think it ended up being either 60 or 80 bucks. all things considered, that's actually a pretty good deal. but golly.

today i walked around pomona, ca a bit, and found what is lauded as one of the best local bakeries in the area, the pomona baking company. they were closing up shop but the guy cut me a deal on some jalapeno cheddar bread. it was really rich, i'm thinking lots of olive oil, and reminded me of other jalapeno cheddar things i've had at places like panera or wherever. it's definitely good though, and i can only assume it's way better when it's fresh. however, if i ever go back there i'll be sure to try either their wheat bread, which is something i generally love, or their chocolate cranberry, which not only sounds really good, but is interesting and different. i usually like to try things i can't get other places, which begs the question, why did i buy a loaf of bread i'm not normally in love with? don't get me wrong, i love all things cheese and all things spicy, but i find bagels/breads of this variety tend to clash with whatever i put on them. oh well, this was good. i got some eggs and put them on, allowing the cheese in the bread to be my cheddar. i found some hot sauce in the venue, so i was laughing.

now i have a few hours until the show, one more tomorrow and then i fly back to jersey. in a few days i'll be starting the tour i'm going on with Let Me Run, and i'm definitely looking forward to that. i think i need to start playing shows again. the last few days have knocked my spirits down a little, planting seeds of self doubt. i think i need to have my guitar in my hands and sing at the top of my lungs. i need fresh air in this chest. i'm going to try and go find some. i wish you the same.


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