Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh, austin? are you going to pahk yah cah?

austin, texas. everything is weirder here. well, that's how they like to see it. an oasis of leftism in a sea of red state. i like austin. i slept quite late today, as i tend to do on these butch tours, so i'm not sure i'll have time to walk around, but just being here feels good. i only know about 10 or 20 blocks of this town, but i feel good about it. i've had a lot of fun here, walking around trying to get in trouble, asking homeless kids to help us find fun times. the boys are playing at stubbs tonight, which will be the first real show of the tour, and i'm excited that my merch area is a cool little patio outside the club where i can just relax.
I stopped writing to go eat family dinner. I think it's really cool when clubs do this where they cook you up a big old mess of food or like tonight let you order off the menu. Sure I never mind getting cash instead of food but there's something really cool about everyone sitting down to a meal together in the place you're to later play. The only downside is that being someone who doesn't eat meat I am often relegated to eating a meal of side dishes or mainly bread. Still I appreciate the sentiment. Luckily this wasn't the case today and even though it was a BBQ joint I was able to grab some enchiladas. Not too shabby. Oh and furthermore, I find the vibe to be reminisent of what we do in the DIY punk scene so of course I love that.

After eating I took a walk around Austin just soaking in the city. One of the many things I feel very lucky about with all the traveling I've done is that I feel so at home in so many places. Sure, if you dropped me a mile away in the same city i'd probably feel lost but in the ten minute walking radius around sixth street I'm a local. During my wanderings it felt good to reminisce about previous trips here and I found myself upon the state Capitol. Well if it wasn't that it was a stately looking building with beautiful lawns, trees and benches. I sat and thought about the record contract I'll be signing when I get home and about how lucky I am to be wanderig around like I am. In general things have felt a little weird and uncomfortable the last few days but I suppose that's to be expected. I've had so many great highs lately that there were bound to be some lows. But I have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks and that proactivity (is that a word?) will help me push positive.

I think what's most interesting to me is how much I'm living. A buddy recently said each day on tour is like three regular days. I definitely think there's truth in that and perhaps me living out of my car and on the road all the time is more like four or five days for each sunset. I'm sure by the end of this year I'll have songs, stories and a rotten liver. Five years of living in 365 days. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Live loudly and die quickly.

After getting back from my bench sitting I got my merch stuff together and relaxed. The weather here today was quite possibly the closest thing to perfection I can remember in a long long while. Right now I'm sitting outside of stubbs BBQ in the perfect summer evening air, that kind where you'd go ride the swings and smoke cigarettes with your high school girlfriend maybe stoked you could wear a hoodie or buttonup after so many days of heat. And the best part is that I could feel this before my actual summer even begins. So rad and so much better than sitting in a grimey club. Now all I need is a good woman to share nights like these with.

Tomorrow we're headed to Dallas and I'll try to put up some photos and explain the ridiculousness of yesterdays day off. I hope this finds you well.


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