Friday, May 1, 2009

photo update

my two new food friends.

this is my cousin and her amazingly beautiful new baby daughter. i was so glad to get to meet the lovely new addition to the family.

sure, stuffed animals are cool and all. old strip clubs are nice as well. why don't we throw shows there?

various art in canada.

so after getting the local plattsburgh delicacy (reheated pizza with cold cheese on top) we came across a perfectly plated meal. the only odd thing was that this was on the street, in the rain. what? exactly. also, justin asked, hilariously, if the glass of water had started filled, or if it had collected rain.

bettie makes an amazing melon chicken.

the plattsburgh crew knows how to hang. it felt great to see all my old friends.

and greet the morning sun.

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