Monday, May 4, 2009

pistols at daybreak

i forgot these veggie dogs in my brother's fridge. when i found them they looked like little black sausages. so weird.

on saturday, may 2nd i went to the bamboozle festival in seacaucus, nj to see the get up kids. if you're not familiar with them, GUK were a rock band from the late 90s in what was at the time referred to as "emo," though that term has since been co-opted and bastardized. still, they put out some great records and i hadn't seen them since about 2001, so it was cool to be able catch them again with a bunch of kids who were equally excited. dave went to their show the night before which was a full set, but at least i got to see something.

dave, billy and phil at bamboozle. thanks to phil for sneaking me into the fest.

the get up kids playing to an insane amount of people. last time i saw them there were just a few hundred. wowzers.

at the end of the set a young man walked up to me, leaned in and said, "bonjour?" "i'm sorry, can i help you?" then it dawned on me: i had been talking to this guy mehdi from france, and we'd discussed trying to meet up at bamboozle. randomly we ran into each other, and i guess by way of the wonder of the interweb, mehdi knew what i looked like and recognized me. it was awesome to finally get to meet in person and we spent the rest of the day hanging out, trading stories and generally enjoying each others' company. mehdi came out with us in jersey city that night, and i was glad to be able to show him a good time in new jersey. the way i see it, i've built up enough travel karma that i'm not even beginning to pay it back.

at the bar i also saw some old, amazing friends, caught up, felt loved and generally just enjoyed a great evening. after the bar closed down phil and i went to kelly's place to hang out in arguably the nicest backyard in jersey city. i also met some sweet cats.

phil was cold, so, you know, he had to wrap up.


yesterday dave made me drink joose all afternoon. it was a rainy jersey city sunday, the new rambo was on tv and a few twenty-somethings sitting around the living room are bound to get in trouble. so dave emptied out his change jar and walked down to the liquor store to get us some joose. energy drink/malt liquor. it's a terrible and wonderful concoction. after enjoying some oddly colored drinks we made up some pasta with string beans. suprisingly, it came out pretty well. i'm learning how to cook well using cheaper and simpler materials.

the joose is loose. we decided to mix the flavors. the blue one tasted like sandwiches.

the negative creeps were the house band at "crewtonz: the house of god," a friends' warehouse space. i haven't seen one of their shirts in a while, and then dave's roommate had one on yesterday.

for our second meal, dave and i made broccoli/cheese rice with hoppin' john. if you haven't had it before, you're missing out.

xack was my bed buddy last night.


i got to hang with my brother in the afternoon, which as always, was great. i played him a newish song i have, and he liked it, so he set up some mics for me to lay my new tunes down. awesome. i'm excited i was able to record them.

i made stew tonight for dinner. olive oil, garlic, onions and carrots. sweat with salt, pepper, cumin seeds, coriander, thyme, parsley and crushed red pepper. then add potatoes, chickpeas and lentils. some water and bring to a full boil, then reduce and simmer. serve with bisquits or warm bread with olive oil for dipping.

amna came over to help me eat the stew, and it was fun to catch up. she had her last class today. that's amazing. i remember that feeling, the idea that the world was now wide in front of you, that you could do anything you wanted. it's scary, exciting, wild. to everyone who's graduating this month, have fun. make your life worth living.


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