Sunday, May 24, 2009

Denver daze

this is katherine, my new amazing friend from denver. i went to thrift store that my buddy had told me about and heard her say she was leaving for lunch, so i asked her if she'd show me around town. i've wandered around so many random towns and cities and felt i didn't get much out of it because i prefer to see places from the local's perspective. i was really lucky to ask the right person because she was so sweet and walked me around a bit just showing me local places that i would probably haunt if i lived in denver. we then went to get some food and a drink at a place by her work called city o city. it had a great beer selection and a veggie friendly menu. who could ask for more? katherine and i hung out for an hour and then she had to head back to work so i just sat finishing up my beer. the bartender was really cool and bought me a beer because he said i couldn't come to denver without trying the great divide brewing company. i really appreciated it and had a healthy buzz from two big beers. a few minutes after katherine left carla got off work and sat by me so i struck up a conversation with her. soon after, phillip, carla's fiance sat down and the three of us shot the breeze and shared a drink. they're a wonderful couple and just seem to fit perfectly. i love when i meet people who give me faith in love. i got up to take a piss and when i came back carla had purchased me a beer and then she bought us all shots of whiskey. here it was, four in the afternoon and was already 4 drinks in. i felt great hanging out with my new friends, laughing, telling stories and learning about each other. after one of my stories phillip decided we need to go buy some joose and go to the park. i rode carla's bike while she sat on phillip's seat and we cruised down to the store. how awesome is my life? i meet new friends, they're amazingly sweet, i get to ride bikes and we go have drinks in the park. it really doesn't get much better. i don't know what i did to be so lucky that people just let me into their lives and hearts, but it's amazing. i already had three people in this city that i felt like i could call friends and would hang out with if i lived here.

so we rode to the park and hung out more, enjoying the energy drink that seems to follow me around the country, and i learned a new fact: in denver you can drink in the park if it's in a can. bottles aren't cool, but no worries if it's a can. so weird but amazing.

what a lovely couple.

carla poured some of the blue joose onto the orange so that it looked like the denver bronco colors. she's silly.

we then left to go to a bar so carla could watch some local sports match. at this point i was feeling a bit out of it, so i sat outside and talked some local kids who were hanging out and then i said my goodbye to phillip, thanked him, and headed back to the bus. speaking of which, this is where i'm living right now.

it's a little different than my other digs, but lovely nonetheless.

i headed back to the bus, laid down for a bit and just generally caught up with my mates. i hadn't seen them for hours and enjoyed that i had stories to tell them. when katherine got out of work she called me and told me about a house party that was happening a mile or so from where the bus was parked so i figured i had no excuse to not go hang out with my new friend. katherine is really fun and likes to laugh, so i was excited to go spend some time with her. it was raining out a bit and just cool enough to make walking around quite pleasurable. i called my buddy brian since it seems like his job's been working him to the bone. just checked up with him, made sure he was ok, and told him to quit that shit and come on tour with me. ha. i know he'd love nothing more and i can't wait until he's able to. when i got to the party i met a bunch of other fun, like minded folk, and decided that if i moved here i'd be quite happy. though it was raining we felt great. we were alive, spending time with new friends that felt like old, listening to music pouring out of the windows and generally loving life. at one point katherine and i went out on the porch just as all my buddies were rolling up. i'd been so preoccupied with my new friends i forgot to call my busmates but luckily they found out about the party independently. so, we caused a bunch of troubled and at the end of the night i walked katherine to her bike and headed back to the bus. i'd say it was definitely a day worth living.

katherine paints these amazing pictures using school style watercolors and they come out incredible. this is a creepy/cute self portrait.

this is an awesome, weird alligator kid.

this morning when i woke up i hung out in the front lounge just in time to see michael and cari ann come back. cari ann sat down and busted out a bottle of wine, jumping right into it. i'll admit that i get up late, but i still found this funny. she's a trip, so fun, so full of life and so incredibly talented. they're an amazing couple and an amazing duo musically. quite lucky to have each other, and we're all lucky they do.

i'm sorry i didn't write yesterday, but as you can see, i was out living life. there was no time for reflection, i was straight flecting! i hope you're wonderful and safe and happy.


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