Tuesday, June 23, 2009

again, apologies

i'm sorry i've been so busy. it's odd that when i'm back in jersey i have more to do than when i'm on the road. it's also odd realizing that if i were to say, "when i'm back home," i'd be wrong. sure, i've gravitated back to jersey on most of my breaks, but that's because i have so many people i love and miss here that i want to see, as well as many places to crash. however, i think in the coming months, i may decide to venture out a bit more and see what this country has to offer me when i'm not traveling, but becoming a local in each area. hopefully this will happen sooner, rather than later. i'm going to start tomorrow by spending about a week in burlington, vt. i'll be going on tour with the band ghosting, and i'll also be playing guitar in their band, so we have a few days of rehearsal before the tour starts. should be both interesting and fun, especially considering i've only met the guys once for a few hours and before then had never heard their band. but i'm always up for an adventure and new friends, so i decided it was a good idea to hop in a car with them for three weeks. keep abreast of the blog for details. and now the last few days of the let me run tour until now:

what's wrong with two bros napping together?

new t-shirt idea.

hello. (i imagine this being said in a valley girl voice with eyes rolling)

umm...ok. moans? i know, it's means, but sure doesn't look like that.

this is what happens when louis eats 4 slim jims.

it was a meat fiesta at trevor's aunt's house. i, of course, did not partake. there was beer, so don't worry, i was fine.

my home for two weeks.

pizza tour would be mad at me. i'm sorry.

loki rode the whole car ride to my brother's in my lap.

brother brian invited buddy brian and i to go drink wine and eat food. i love hanging out with my brother, especially when we're cooking/eating/drinking wine because it's so relaxing and warming. he's one of the most amazing people to be around and in this atmosphere is near impossible to not wonder why the entire world is not at peace. there's always good music, comfortable (albeit often spartan) surroundings, great food and wonderful conversation. even when times are tough it feels like home. so, i guess he's my home, in many ways. thanks brother.

loki wanted to help cook. probably just so he could eat with us. little sneak.

almost feast time.

brother brian's sweet spice setup.

on this delicious plate you'll find palak paneer, okra, bitter gourd and missing is lauki, not to be confused with loki.

somehow david ended up with a champagne flute.

loki wanted to finish my palak paneer.

buddy and brother brians.

loki wanted to join us at the table.

i love kitschy packaging. these are dale's pale ales.

after dinner we had to do some jamming at the warren house.

meet three great friends of mine. the lovely azarja is the girl responsible for the awesome ink on my forearm and is always great for awesome conversation and laughs. greg is an old bandmate and one of the best people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with. brian is one of the most giving and talented people you'll ever meet. they're all great for sharing a drink and good times, and i love them all.

you think jagerbombs are cool? what do you know about schwartzbombs? the bartender told me i'd either love or hate a shot of schwartzhog. i asked him if indifference was an option. he said no. for the record, it was ok.

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