Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Build the world you want

After driving home from Miami through the night we slept for a few hours and then Trevor and I went to sit outside the cvs and steal Internet. Afterwards we went to the supermarket and spent too much money on a big seafood dinner. I know I know I've been going wild. In my defense though being on the beach makes me want to eat seafood and I've been here a week. Also since I've only recently starting eating sea animals I am still excited about new cooking frontier. Still I do feel some latent ex vegetarian guilt and often consider going back to a stricter diet both for myself and the world.

Anyway, trevor and I steamed up a big pot of snow crab legs, mussels and clams. With our caprese salad to start and bread to dip in the broth we ended up dropping more money than we wanted but it's ok these things happen and we ate well. After getting our fill we laid down to snooze off the meal. An hour or so later Parker came by and we walked to the local bar where the tenderesses had to wear bathing suits. Odd uniform but I suppose I don't mind. So we drank beers for reasonable prices but still spent way more than if we'd stayed home. The argument is that we were paying for atmosphere and potential companionship but it was hot and nobody was at the bar so we just threw money away. Though at the end of the night for absolutely no reason and with no prompting on our part, some girl across the bar pulled her boobs out. It was a bit odd but I suppose I'm not going to complain. Louis went to talk to her and buy her a drink and she said they were fake so I guess she just wanted to show them off. It's a little weird but hey whatever floats her boat. The walk home was interesting and then we decided to go swimming. The ocean felt amazing and after a nice chat with locals I floated on my back and soaked in the beautiful night sky with fluffy clouds and bright stars. I was so at peace that if I'd floated away i'd have died happy. But I didn't and then we went home. I went swimming in the pool and when I got back there was arguing among friends and people said some rough things so I spent the rest of the evening trying to help buddies see eye to eye. I hoped sleeping would help. I awoke to further discussions which didn't help my headache so I went to rest in the other room. Some things were patched up and some weren't. But now we're all trying to get past it and make the best of things. And that's all you can really ever do. So now I'm on my way to Orlando hoping for good things. I wish the same for you.

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