Monday, June 8, 2009

Four loko...interesting.

Last night I met a girl who was drinking something called four loko. It was like joose but even more intense. Dave, I'm looking at you. Speaking of joose this wasted dude came into the show in Greensboro last night drinking dragon joose. He was one of these annoying drunk guys who walks into a show and air drums along but in a way that just feels uncomfortable. I appreciate the idea of when anything can happen but I don't like thinking that could be a fight or something especially at a show. And this guy kept grabbing the mic which bothered me. Anyway during let me run it wasn't that big of a deal becaus they were loud enough that he didn't really affect anything by when he came in during my second song and then tried to play my guitar and was yelling over
E it kind of sucked. The thing is that I was playing on the flop with no mic or PA because I'd rather be among my friends and pure. Our buddy rob asked him to be quiet and when h wouldn't rob asked him to leave. The issue is that this guy was so drunk that people though he was funny and kept him around for a good time but I just thought r was uncomfortable a d mean. And sure enough when this other guy felt drunk guy had crossed the line he punched him in the face and knocked him out. Fuck. As the kid say, this is why shows get shut down. So drunk guy got up and asked who hit him and tough guy knocked him out again. What the fuck. Now there's a ton of drunk kids standing around making it worse. And sure enough the cops then showed up. Come on guys this shit is ridiculous. So the show was over and we packed up and left. The crazy part is that as soon as drunk guy heard there were cops he stopped trying to milk sympathy and walked away jumped in his car and drove off. Three cops chased after him but ten minutes later we saw them and then he was walking on the street so I don't know if they caught him and let him go or if this joosed up gentleman was well versed in the art of evasion. Anyway forget the negative part of the night. I had a great show and del blessed and this came after a long day of relaxing and spending good times with great friends. I still can't believe how lucky I am that I can play quiet songs to strangers and they will listen. I met some really sweet people who appreciated my songs and it meant a great deal. I got a lot of great compliments but the two best were probably from boon who said he'd been hopping trains for two years and that my songs spoke of his ffelings and life and then rob from Nashville said he'd seen tons of songwriters and I really impressed him. I feel winning over train hoppers and nashvillians is tough and rewarding. So I had a great set and felt amazing and both my buddies bands were able to play before the show was shut down so that was good.

To bring you up to speed, the day before was laid back with us getting to Danville va around four pm, loaded in and then while everyone cracked beers I ate carrots and peanut butter. Due to an offhand comment that morning I started showing some of the guys some music theory stuff so since we had a few hours to kill I ended up playing professor. It's funny to see six guys sitting in a circle in the shade drinking beers, smoking cigarettes and listening to their buddy explain how a major scale is constructed. The guys were super nice, receptive and appreciative. They also said, "man if class were like this I wouldve actually gone," which I appreciated. So after some schoolin and beers the guys played a show to the soundman and each other. Then the sound guy left. Amazing. I suppose I feel if one knows the show won't do well perhaps one shouldn't book it. Just saying.

So with no reason to stay in town we heads to Greensboro. After a lovely late night meal at dennys, punctuated by trips to the van for drinks, we headed to walmart to catch some sleep. I haven't had to sleep in a vehicle for a
Few years which I definitely appreciate. But this was necessary. Had I called my buddy mike a week earlier or so we probably couldve go e to his house but I'm terrible at remembeing to contact people before I end up in their towns. Anyway when you sleep in a van with five other grown men you wake up disgustin no matter how cold it is. And this was the south in early summer. I woke up at seven with what corey described as feeling like a blatter filled with hot soup. The only times I usually see this hour are when I've yet to go
To bed. But I got up and went inside to pee. I came back and laid I. The parking lot in the shade of the van and when a few people got up we went inside to mcdonalds and got coffee. Though tired it was nice to just sit and relax for a few hours. We laughed told stories and enjoyed each others company. At one point I went food shopping and tried to buy cheap wine but they wouldn't sell it to me before noon on a sunday. Damn I'm never up this early and we'd been up for hours.

Finally we gathered everyone up and headed for the mall. I called my buddy Spencer who lives an hour away and he happened to be out so he came by. It felt great to be able to bring together so many people I love. Furthemore I knew later they'd all meet mike another grew friend. While we were all eating lunch spencer asked if we wanted to go to the bar so I suggested beers and frisbee in the park. Everyone loved the idea and we were off. It turned out the park was a little too out in the open so I called mike and he invited us to his house. So all twelve of us we rolled up on mikes house and took to the porch. For the next many hours we lounged played frisbee and generally loved life. What a great time. I'll tell you it was a marathon day of relaxing and I loved it.

This morning we woke up and cooked a breakfast feast, took showers and now are driving to Clemson, SC. We're hoping to see a movie or go swimming and I'd love to cook a meal tonight. Here's to hoping. I send my best.

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