Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You can't poop

No this is not about how being on tour often prevents regular bowel movemets, though to be honest, that is the less than pretty truth. No this is about the house in which we stayed last night. It's on the rare side that people are able and willing to house eleven gross dudes, but when they are we take full advantage of facilities and scrub, brush, rinse and relieve all parts of out beings. The issue here though is that at zachs house there was a septic tank issue and the professionals were not coming until the morning. Overall this is really not a big deal. We had comfortable floors, couches and beds to sleep in as well as bellies full of delicious burritos that Zach made us (bold choice for a house with out of commission toilets) so we were stoked. But when I woke up multiple times (my bladder seems to be aging much more quickly than the rest of my body) I needed to navigate the maze of hallways to the open air and find an unsuspecting tree to relieve myself. Sure there are way worse situations but this was funny.

This morning we backed the van and trailer around the septic truck and up the curvy driveway before being able to swing it around and head to get fuel for our vehicles and bellies. After a profanity filled hour or so at taco bell (I used hot sauce on my pb&j, which I called my Thai pbj) we jumped back in the vans for Jacksonville, FL.

I'm really excited to go to jax, because my good buddies in the hardcore band evergreen terrace live there and also Florida means I get to start playing more shows. The bummer though is that Florida also marks the end of we're all broken being on this tour. Sure finding houses for six is way easier then eleven but I really love these guys. I went to Canada with them and they're seriously great friends. There are two new guys but they rule as well and I coulnt ask for a better group of traveling companions. After this tour I head up to Burlington, VT to practice with a band called Ghosting and then hit a lot of the same places as this tour which is exciting. The interesting thing is that I don't really know the guys well. I think it will be fun to throw myself into unfamiliar situations and get to know new friends and learn.

So hopefully I can rest my sunburnt shoulders tonight and catch up with great old friends. I wish you the same love I'm feeling.

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