Friday, June 5, 2009

Baltimore bound

This morning I woke up in jason and nicoles living room to Jason shifting boxes around. I'll be honest, while I don't love sleeping on futons I was too lazy to unfold, I was not terribly happy to peel myself off of it. I suppose though, that laying in my underwear while the cable guy hooked up various boxes and electronics is not socially acceptable. So I got myself up, scrubbed my body in an ever changing shower (temperature wise), then hugged Jason and Nicole goodbye. After grabbing a coffee and some food from wawa I headed to new brunswick.

I pulled into trevors driveway, threw some shirts in my backpack and hopped into let me run's van. For the next two and a half weeks I'll be riding with my buddies and playing some shows up and down the east coast. I'm really excited to be out in a DIY sense and more than anything can't wait to be playing music again. I really appreciate going out on various types of tours and working bigger tours is definitely exciting but my heart is deeply rooted in punk/indie rock and more than anything I'm in love with the DIY aesthetic. These are my people and this is where I'm happy. This is not to say that I wouldn't love to take my songs all over the world to heights unimagined, but if it's between doing things I don't love for money and things I do for none I'll happily choose the latter. More than anything though I think I like the idea that people can come together and treat each other well and as equals. I love the idea that we can make positive changes in each others' lives. And I love that we can do this all on our own terms.

During the trip I settled into my book and enjoyed witty commentary while absorbing the intro nuances in everyones personalities. It's always fun learning more about people you already like and I cherish the fact that this will grow more. Sure there will be tough times and sure we'll argue, but the main idea and goal is that by the end of this is that we've had fun and love each other more than when we started.

I'm not going to lie though I though I was going to see an old friend tonight and now she's not coming which definitely makes me sad. Also I really wish I were playing the show tonight but don't take over to play for about a week. Luckily in two days I secured a slot so that's going to rule. Plus it's with good friends in north Carolina so that's awesome. For now I'll try to dwell on the positive. You do the same. I wish you all well.

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