Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sunburnt shoulders

man oh man, what a great day yesterday. it started with a great breakfast of eggs, biscuits, toast, bacon for the meat eaters and lots of coffee. we stayed at our buddy michael's house and he took great care of us. after a long afternoon of hanging the day before we assumed we'd done all the hanging we'd do, but sure enough after a good breakfast and a few hour drive we showed up in clemson, SC and bought grillin' food and some beers. we headed down to a lake in town, lit the grill and commenced hanging. burgers, dogs (of meat and veggie varieties) and lots of corn. so good. after stuffing ourselves to the gills a few of us went swimming. the water was perfect, we were with friends, we were laughing. around 10 pm we headed over to katherine's house. it took a little while to get there, but when we did we were rewarded with a huge, beautiful house. four levels, seemingly a million beds and an out of order elevator. yes, an elevator. amazing. so for a few hours we drank beers and sweet tea vodka, laughed, told stories and loved life. eventually we all crashed out in what we called "the dormitory," because there were two bunk beds and couches, a tv, a huge bathroom. it was awesome. we had to get up earlish because a few of the guys had to sleep in the vans at walmart since vans weren't allowed in the complex. i'm sure we could've gotten away with it, but katherine didn't think it was a good idea, so we didn't. i felt bad for them, especially because it was such a nice house and could've fit everyone on a bed (which is insane, as there's 11 of us. this is such a rarity on tour but obviously a great one.) but sometimes on tours someone needs to step up and take care of business. i definitely appreciated them doing so, and was also glad i didn't have to. after waking up we went to a rousing breakfast at waffle house and headed for atlanta. i have a lot of friends here, but i'm not sure i'm going to see any of them. it's a bummer, but these things happen. oh, and if you're ever in atlanta, definitely go to little five points. we ate at the vortex, which i always like. i get the black and blue veggie burger with a salad. it's kind of my thing. overall i'm loving life. the We're All Broken and Let Me Run dudes rule, and i'm having a blast just constantly laughing and hanging. tomorrow we're going to go to jacksonville, FL where i plan on meeting up with the Evergreen Terrace dudes. i spent last summer on a bus with those guys on warped tour and they totally ruled. i miss them and look forward to a good reunion. ok, i'm going to go rest my brain. it hurts. i hope you're well.

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