Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yesterday was a win, today feels like a loss.

Yesterday I woke up hoping for the best. If all went well I'd be spending my waking hours happily. After playing with Loki, drinking some coffee and taking a shower I practiced guitar for the Ghosting tour. Fir those of you that don't know I'll be touring with a screamy band from Burlington vt called Ghosting for the next three weeks. The twist is that besides opening for them I'll also be playing guitar in their band. It's been a while since I've played rock guitar so it should be interesting and fun. I tried to be as rehearsed as possible but between the let me run tour and catching up with friends I'm slightly less prepared than I'd like. But it will be ok. More on that later.

During this whole mornig routine I got a call from Jackie to see if I wanted to go to Brooklyn and eat delicious pizza. I did. So after finishing everything up I hopped in sweet pea (my car) and headed towards the city. For whatever reason there were a great deal of asses on the road. At the Lincoln tunnel a cop on foot made me stop because he thought my registration was expired. Luckily it was not. After I made it down the island of manhatten and through the battery tunnel I was flustered but happy to be in Brooklyn. I got to jackies and we were off on our own pizza walk. Lucali was the main destination which I was really happy about because it was closed on the pizza tour. But, our luck, it is always closed on Tuesdays, despite the workers inside. Crap. So we decided defaro was the way to go but since it was a car ride away and could be as much as a three hour wait, we stopped at south Brooklyn pizza on the way. While quite greasy I'd say they do a pretty good slice. Both Jackie and I thought it needs salt but also both love salt. After getting some food in our bellies we headed over to the heavily hasidic neighborhood to try out some world famous pizza. When we got to defaro the line was surprisingly short and there was a group of people with a mini keg to pass the time. Well done. When the doors finally opened we were treated to an unorganized line, a super hot room, an eighty year old man making everything by hand himself at his speed, and some incredible looking pizza. Since we'd ordered square slices, as per jackies suggestion, we had to wait a bit longer than other people, but I can promise you it was well worth the wait. I got one square and one regular to experiment. Jackie was definitely right. With the square pie the old man pours oil under the pie as well once it's a but crispy thereby almost deep frying the crust, in a way. It was amazing.

So jack an I enjoyed stoop pizza and street beers, soaking in the neighborhood. Then a guy across the street tried to start a fight with a street vendor. It was confusig because sometimes they seemed like friends and other times like they were to come to blows. The whole thing made us both terribly uncomfortable as we hate violence and didn't know what we should do. Luckily it soon calmed down and we were able to leave without feeling like we'd read about it the next day in the news.

So after a great day of walking around the city, eatig pizza and drinking beers (apparently this is my favorite past time) we went to rest off our full bellies. And we decided we'd won. Days like these are what lives all about and why it's worth living. The kind where you're just straight up happy.

Today I woke up sleepy but content. I knew I had a long drive to Burlington ahead of me, but felt I was leaving for it with a smile. I went to brian's to pick up my gear and take Loki for a walk. After packing everything up and singing a few new songs I got in sweet pea and headed north. Three hours in I got a sandwich. It was prepared by a girl who could not have wanted to be there any less. Surprisingly the sandwich was half decent. Granted she didn't have to do much, but with her attitude I wouldn't have been surprised if it were terrible. Four hours in my iPod died. Awesome. The radio sucks up here. But now I'm in Burlington. At least the drive was pretty. I still can't believe the best way up here was on a 45 mph road. Anyway, here I am, very tired and sad I had to leave. Since I got here late I'm not going to get to review the songs until tomorrow. Then we have one short practice then apparently three days off before we leave. I really wish I'd realized this. I'd way rather be home then sitting here doing nothing. But I suppose that's what I wanted out of this year, huh? Be forced to live and make friends in new places. So that's the goal for the next few days. Wish me luck.

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