Sunday, June 14, 2009

Euphamistically speaking

Last night was quite the cluster fuck. Sorry for swearing but is there a euphamism for cluster fuck? Perhaps fracas? I'm not sure it conveys the same sense of urgency. Anyway the main point is that last night just got completely out of hand. The day started innocently enough. Recently warren the drummer from the popular punk band "against me" left the band and opened a Mexican restaurant/bar in gainesville. Since we were in town and like Mexican food and like against me and like warren we figured we'd enjoy a nice meal there. And that we most definitely did. They make the guacamole tableside and have root beer on tap. I got the fish tacos and while name sounds oddly vaginal they were quite delicious. Blackened tilapia. Big time.

After leaving boca fiesta we headed to St petersburg fl. Our buddies Parker and drew from new Brunswick were vacationing down there which totally ruled. Parkers dad lives there now so we met the family including an adorable little puppy named duke. We then went down the street to the condo that parkers dad also owns. So conviennt for us. After some swimming, a few beers and an impromptu crab steam we headed for the show. This was to be my first night officially playing and I was excited but could tell this was not the atmosphere for me. I'd prefer not to play in bars if I could help it but you play the shows you get. I played a few songs to an unreceptive bar and then broke a string. Great. I was ready to just stop but knew I couldn't. Corey from let me run lent me his electric guitar and I played two more songs feeling dejected. The worst part of it all is that I should like playing regardless of whether anyone I'd listening. But like a big baby I want people to watch and love me. And like an idiot I only half noticed that while they weren't front and center a few people were really enjoying themselves. When they came up afterwards I felt like shit that I hadn't given my all. We've all had these nights but I hope they her fewer and farther between.

So I went outside to relax and vent and when I came back the band that was so complimentary was done. Again I felt like a jerk. Next up was let me run which was cool but then things got stupid. Words were thrown back and forth with this one guy and I spent the set running between them trying to make peace. I fucking hate fights. But this escalated when girlfriends of another band got involved. So people were asked to leave and the show finished with little fanfare.

When all was said and done we'd sold a few things and got paid a little money so overall the show wasn't a total wash and since a few people were super nice my mindset dedintely turned around a bit. But it was still a little heavy on my head. We then left and headed back to parkers place to drink some beers and eat bread dipped into olive oil. Always delicious and it was a nice way to wind down the night. Fairly late one of the bartenders and her boyfriend came to hang out and it turns out we know a bunch of the same people so that's pretty cool. After they left and everyone else went to bed drummer Trevor and I stayed up talking. These are the moments that make tours, the wee hour conversations where you feel like you really get to know your mates. I hope the next few tours have some good late night conversations.

This morning found me and Trevor skippin breakfast as we'd woken the birds but the other guys got up and went out. After washing the previous day from my body we left fir Miami and here we are. I'm not going to lie this area seems pretty shitty. But they're going to feed us and seeing as it's an English style pub maybe fish and chips? Oh and I need to go change my strings. Hope you're great.

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