Monday, June 15, 2009

phucking photo update

this is quite a photo update. sorry it took so long, but i haven't had computer internet capabilities as of late. this is from the day before the let me run tour to now. hopefully in the future there will be less of a break.

kitty cats at the warren house.

i woke a few days before the let me run tour in my brother's basement to a beautiful sight.

making music is so much easier with a beautiful practice space and everything at the ready. had my first real jam session with my brother here. awesome.

new merch. quit your job and go and tour.

oh man, this is ridiculous.

on the road again with let me run.

oddly, it was true.

we're all broken at the charm city art space in baltimore.


i love puppies. his owner said, so eloquently, "she's a bitch. just like all bitches are bitches." mathmatically that makes sense.

i love when the seperate the smoking section so smokers aren't bothered.

danville, va looks like it treated let me run well.

maybe not.

sleeping in the van doesn't always rule.

so cool.

flying weiner car. big time.

is this acceptable?

south caroline treated us well.

jarrett should've taken the muscle milk. maybe then he wouldn't have lost to katherine.

jarrett (we're all broken) loves staying in houses with elevators.

proud father casey at the waffle house. i'm still wondering what was supposed to be in the middle of this expanse of neon green.

the wonder root in atlanta. while i was disappointed my friends didn't shows up, i love DIY basements that are run well. good job.

travis and homer. good dudes.

i looked into drew's (evergreen terrace) closet. he owns almost nothing. apparently one of the pieces of necessity is a spiderman suit.

10 dudes drinking and deciding tour/bro tats needed to happen. laughin'. ignore the above tattoo party ink. yikes.

cute puppies everywhere. my goodness does everyone have adorable animals?

parkers parents house.

possibly the cutest dog ever? duke. totally.

the next day after i smacked louis. wait until you see the night of. i promise it was not out of malice but stupide drunk dudes fooling around.

travis' reaction to the show.

i wish you could've seen this band and its fans. imagine sublime but not. glad louis got a video.

i have an idea for a new book.

nothing like sleeping in an abandoned condo with your buddies after a 5 hour drive. big time.

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