Friday, June 5, 2009


it's 5 am and i'm still awake. strange. you'd think my need for coffee at 6 pm and yawns at 9 pm would be indicative of an early evening. instead jason, nicole and i started a movie at 2 am. assholes. oh, and i ate my first and only meal at almost 10 pm, which included not one, but two plates of french fries. well, one was normal potato fries, the other, sweet potato fries. i am disgusting. i promise you, i did not order these, but our overly friendly waiter with the high waisted pants overheard my answer to jason's, "oh, i didn't realize you were getting fries," (which was, "yea, i knew i was, but they were supposed to be sweet potato fries. i don't care.") and offered to bring me more. i told him i didn't want more fried fare in front of me (how's that for alliteration?) but he still felt it was the waiterly thing to do, and while i appreciate this, i then proceeded to eat said fare. again, i feel disgusting.

for those of you who don't know, jason is one of my greatest friends, an old band mate, an amazing dude, and an all around asshole. trust me, i mean this in the best of ways. he's really not an asshole, i'm joking, but we have this thing where he's a jerk to get a rise out of people, uses language he's more than aware i abhor and generally likes to push buttons. but, he's the lovable version of all of these. jason is a smart, very quick witted kid who understand film and literature in a way that always impresses me. he and i are almost the same size, have similarly round faces, have had the same haircut and dress quite the same. all these things being said, we've often been mistaken for brothers. as a matter of fact, my actual brothers have said they're almost jealous or find it weird, because jason and i look more like siblings than i do with either of them.

nicole is jason's girlfriend, but that description does her no justice or is in no way fair. that is strictly a reference point for this specific situation, as you, dear reader, may wonder, "who is nicole?" but who she actually is is someone way bigger and more beautiful, in the sense that she's smart, fun, loving, intense and can hang. nicole has a way of being able to dig at your deepest wound and let you know she's not letting you off the hook easily, which while it sucks at the time, is amazing. she and jason are a great compliment for each other in this way, and generally prove to me time and time again that they rule both independently and as a unit. couples like them make me feel like love is possible, and i love them both dearly for that, and for being just exactly who they are.

jason and nicole recently moved from the second floor of their two family home to the downstairs, more roomy apartment. i once slept in here when they were in the process of moving and the landlord walked in on me basically squatting (not like i was to defecate, but as in sleeping somewhere i wasn't supposed to be.) and then i awoke, let a string of mumbling excuses fall from my mouth and quickly gather up my sleeping bag and was out the door. this is not the first time i've encountered a landlord who was both unaware of my presence but potentially unhappy about it. i'm sure it will not be the last. anyway, i'm not sitting on their futon watching the morning light pass through the shades yet again. but, in my defense, i adapted to west coast time just days ago and then came back to east coast time. it's a half a defense at best. anyway, i need to wake up in a few hours so the cable guy can come plug in their soul sucking machine, and then i'll pack my remaining things and head out to meet up with the let me run dudes to start our tour together. i'm telling you, it's going to be a blast. i hope you're all laughing. much love.

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