Sunday, June 28, 2009

babies everywhere!

The past few days in Burlington have been interesting. Two days ago I helped eat twenty scoops of ice cream and then sat in a Japanese tea house being peaceful. After sitting with tea I walked back to the house in the rain and grabbed my gear to go play a last minute show at 242 main in Burlington. Since I was added last minute I opened the show and since there weren't a ton of people there I played on the floor and I was glorious. I played to people I needed to convince and I did it and it ruled. I sold a few things which really helped cause I'm getting pretty broke. So the day turned out better than expected.

Then yesterday I said goodbye to my new friends in the band broken chords sing a little louder. After doing so I went to see my cousin dad and his family. Dave and his wife tara just had an incredibly beautiful baby boy two weeks ago. Gavin is so little and so cute it's amazing. Sometimes I forget how incredible and mind blowing human life really is and thinking about this tiny little dude and how someday he'll be a real guy. So wild. It felt great to catch up with dave and tara as they're amazing people and some of my favorite relatives ever. They took me and gavin to a gathering at a friends house where there was a full scale replica of an old cargo ship and we enjoyed free ben and jerrys though we missed jerry himself scooping it. I know what you're thinking, that I really needed more ice cream after the other day. I know i'm an ass. This also did not stop me from taking more for dessert. And you might ask why I was still there after dinner. Well as it seems during the summer this woman hosts weekly pot luck dinners with tons of wine and a house folk group. So we ran home and got some salads tara had made and then went back for an amazing dinner, wine and hanging out with 60 year olds. At one point a woman found out that I'm a musician ad made me play a couple of songs for everyone. It's weird trying to figure out the least sad sounding song I have so as not to bum everyone out. I'd say overall it went well.

After dinner we went back to dave and taras and dave and I stayed up shooting the breeze and drinking wine. It was great to get to spend so much time with loved ones in such a peaceful place. I really felt blessed and refreshed. In the morning we got up and dave made eggs but they were not normal ones they have almost 40 chickens and eat only fresh eggs it was my first time and it ruled shocking yellow yolks and full fresh flavor amazing we then went to have a photo taken of daves son Trevor on the boat and then got some coffee and relaxed. Walking around the gardens, hanging with chickens, being with good people, these are all ways to refresh your spirit. After helping dave with some chores out in the sun I headed back to Burlington to the sounds of tom petty and the clash. When I got into town the apartment was locked so I walked to the store and got some edamole which is edamame crushed and mixed with olive oil and garlic to sort of be like guacamole. After a nice bite and a walk I hopped back in the car and headed to my other cousin erica's place. It's nice that I got to see all of this family especially since I normally barely see anyone. Erica and dan have a two month old beautiful girl so it was lovely to see her and the both them. We had a really nice dinner and hung out for a bit then dan and I went out for drinks. It's always interesting to hang out with significant others or friends of people that you're related to or close to but without that linking person. You get a totally different perspective on their relationship and on them as individuals.

Today I dropped my car off at Tyler from ghostings house and we packed an absurd amount of things into a suburban and crammed in for a three week tour. I'm actually surprised that I'm pretty comfortable back here right now. Hopefully it will stay this way for what could potentially be a long three weeks. I'm hoping fir the best. So let's see how things go.

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